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tembary water leak detector acoustic

This leak detection device, will find under concrete, "water pipe leaks" Fast and easy way, for broken pipe leak detection and using more plumber on the world High sensitivity acoustic surface microphone and Magnet Microphone is new part and Cancel Noise Headphones
Vibration display panel is new you can work only with display panel and internal rechargeable lithium-ion battery
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Allows easily identify every surface in the under concrete floor or wall Tembary Leak Locator detects underground leaks by sensing their acoustic vibrations with a special microphone, by amplifying them electronically, and by making the leak-sound clearly audible on headphones; at the same time, the deflection of the panel meter indicates the relative strength of the leak sound. Using the LD8800 Leak Detector, therefore, the operator simply traces the leak-sound to the point where its intensity is greatest; this point will be located directly above the subsurface leak.
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"Tembary water leak detector has an ultra sensitive hearing" Even the smallest leaks will be located using this device in just a few minutes thanks to the ability of the system to listen inside of walls, through floors and even inside of dense materials like tile and marble..
LD8800 carrying case is constructed from ABS with a foam-lined interior that is custom die-cut to firmly secure all of the unit components and provide maximum protection for the equipment.
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"Professional acoustic pipe leak listening instrument for plumber"


> 1 x Ld8800 Control Unit

> 1 x Surface Microphone

> 1 x Magnet Microphone

> 1 x Magnet Rod

> 1 x HQ Carrying Case

> 1 x Cancel Noise Headphones

> 1 x Charger 1 x Manual EN

>Box size 16x12x9" Weight: 8.1-Lb